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Book Biennials, Prepare for Perennials Now!


May we remind you we are still accepting your last-minute autumn biennial orders, so you can keep your customers supplied right through into next spring.

And it will not be long before we start making deliveries of spring perennials.
We are approaching the time when we sow your young plant requirement of biennials for the autumn young plant delivery weeks into your premises. If you have not already, now is the time to get your orders in to avoid disappointment.

Watch for new Deltinis
Whilst sorting your autumn requirement, why not also look forward to the spring season for biennials and consider some of our new genetics? These include a new colour Blue as an exciting addition to the renowned Deltini series, plus a vibrant mix of the most popular colours in Deltini.

Bring in a cascade of cash with Wonderfall
Our new trailing, eight-colour pansy series Wonderfall is simply not to be missed! The series requires no special cultural requirements and can be grown alongside your standard pansy crop for added value in larger containers and hanging baskets.

Spring Perennial Delivery Weeks Approaching
Unsurpassed young plant quality It will not be long before you start to receive your deliveries of our fantastic assortment of spring perennials. We are confident you will be even more impressed than usual with our quality benchmark.

Great improvements are on the way
We have made really great efforts in preparing for the season in the spring perennials crop group during the past 12 months. We are pleased to report to our customers that we are happy with the first signs of the improvements we have made in young plant quality and availability. We hope you will be impressed with our improvements as we strive to offer you ever-better products and service.