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Early flowering SeeWhy® mini-cyclamen are ahead of their time


Syngenta FloriPro Services®’ SeeWhy® mini-cyclamens cut growing time of beautiful flowers

Syngenta FloriPro Services® (FPS) introduces a ground-breaking new series to its broad cyclamen assortment that brings benefits to all parts of the value-chain. Our SeeWhy® mini-cyclamen help growers plan and produce more efficiently – saving time, money and effort. SeeWhy® also rewards retailers with access to early sales, and consumers with a delightful display of compact, uniform flowers boasting stunning colors.
With the SeeWhy® mini-cyclamen, FPS draws on proven innovative flower varieties that offer outstanding performance – flowers that look great and last longer. Our genetics help create cyclamen that offer the best uniformity in color, earliness and habit to ensure an efficient and in-time supply of consistent, high quality plants. Uniformity also helps improve the efficiency and planning of a commercial offer. Even in full bloom, SeeWhy® keeps its compact appearance and creates a harmonious balance between flowers and plant.


This early-flowering, long shelf-life mini-series shortens growing time to give growers and retailers a real competitive edge. In the recommended growing environment, florescence of SeeWhy® is between 7 to 10 days ahead of competitive series under comparable conditions.

SeeWhy® will impress with its homogeneous habit and synchronous flowering window in all colors. Displays enable aligned flowering timing, while the flowers keep their color very well with less fading. Recommended sales to retailers for SeeWhy® mini-cyclamen will be from mid-August to October. The mini-cyclamen should be grown in 6 till 10.5 cm pots and are available in 6 attractive colors or color mixes.

With the launch of the SeeWhy® mini-cyclamen series, everyone will get the chance to discover something special next autumn. SeeWhy® complements and extends the Syngenta Flowers Cyclamen range, which includes all flower types from mini to large and covers the entire flowering season, ensuring a splash of color all year round.