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Look ahead to Poinsettias


Following the successful introduction of new Poinsettias in 2013, we major on them for 2014, when they will boost your sales approaching the festive period.


For early- to mid-November promotions, look no further than compact, free-branching Sigma, which requires no PGR, displays strong cyathia and has a good shelf-life. It's the star performer for early season sales. Well suited to high-density régimes, grow in 10-15cm pots, while its velvety look is superb for impulse sales. 

Follow Sigma with Neva as the holiday season draws closer. Its strong, V-shaped habit makes it easy to grow, pack and ship, supported by a robust root system. Neva offers great versatility too, being suitable for pots from 11 to 15cm, and is perfect for production in 12cm pots. 

Titan Red
When you need plants with outstanding shelf-life, Titan Red is the answer. Strongly branched and easy to sleeve, this early season beauty has large, bright red bracts all displayed at the same level. Heating costs can be reduced by growing cool for the last three weeks, intensifying the bract colour. Titan Red is very tolerant of botrytis and has ultra-stable roots.