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Looking for a Mini? It has to be Winfall™


Take a look at the reasons why may we take this opportunity to bring the benefits of Cyclamen persicum F1 Winfall to your attention.


We believe this superb series is superior to the Miracle range and feel you will agree when you have grown it! The Winfall series is a mini cyclamen with a compact and rounded habit. It is less sensitive to botrytis, while its stronger flower sterns makes it an excellent choice.

Listen to what Nicholas Roche, production manager at Spring Nurseries' has to say:

“I have no hesitation in recommending Winfall to anyone using the Miracle series. The habits of both are similar, although the flowers and leaf stems are stronger on Winfall. Another advantage with Winfall is that it stands up to botrytis attack better than Miracle does due to it being more robust. Flowering is remarkably uniform across the colour range. The plants in these images have been in flower for up to six weeks, so you see how long lasting the blooms are. I shall be growing Winfall in future. In fact, Miracle is already starting to become a memory! I am sure anyone switching to Winfall will not return to Miracle".