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New Snowridge Maxi F1 Purple from FloriPro Services


Leading a host of new Cyclamen persicum introductions in the just-published Pot Plants Brochure 2013 from FloriPro Services is Snowridge Maxi F1 Purple (picture),


which is remarkable for its strong, rich colour complemented by a distinct picotee edge to each of its petals. Early to bloom and of medium height, the large flowers are borne evenly around the plant and are especially eye-catching.

Five new colours – Salmon, Rose, Purple, Pink and White with Eye – have been added to the early and compact-growing Cyclamen Midori™ F1 range, while an extra selection of the Sierra™ F1 series, Synchro™ F1, in five distinct colours and a formula mix, is launched for 2013. Other Cyclamen additions include Concerto® F1 White, Zanetto F1™ Fuchsia and Laser™ F1 Rose Flame.

The Capsicum frutescens Salsa series is also new for 2013, and is claimed to be the most uniform selection on the market. Suitable for 6- 10.5cm pots, the strong, upward-facing fruits are available in Deep Orange, Red, Yellow, Yellow-Red and Purple, and all colours have excellent shelf-life. 
Producing larger plants suitable for 10.5 – 13cm pots and great for outside use is the new Capsicum frutescens Samba series in four colours and a mix. Exclusive to FloriPro Services is Capsicum frutescens Tutti Frutti (picture), the fruits of which ripen through a range of colours to give a multicoloured effect in large pots.

Further new introductions from FloriPro Services for 2013 include Gerbera jamesonii Cartwheel F1 (picture), the earliest semi-double in commerce, and the extra-early flowering Solanum pseudocapsicum Supreme, which has remarkably big berries and is perfect for early sales.

To request a copy of the FloriPro Services 2013 Pot Plants Brochure telephone 0845 602 6173, fax 0845 602 7632 or e-mail [email protected] Customers on the FloriPro Services™’ mailing list will automatically receive their copy.