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Our Wonderfall New Biennials


Take a look at our new wonderful range of Wonderfall™ trailing pansies - free-flowering and perfect for baskets and other containers.


Plus other new Violas and Ranunculus to boost your sales of biennials. Remember the sales season starts soon…

We have an excellent range of biennials with which to tempt your customers, including several eye-catching additions. It's ideal weather for biennials, with no snow and the temperature is not too cold. Extra-special Wonderfall trailing pansies
Wonderfall™ trailing pansies are sure to be in demand with consumers wanting something different for their spring and autumn hanging baskets and containers. Available in eight distinct colours, the cascading plants become smothered in flowers to transform patio and courtyard displays. They really are extra-special!

New Deltas…
There are three new Delta® pansies on offer for the first time - Yellow with Purple Wing, Improved, Neon Violet Improved and Deep Blue. Deltas set the standard for large flowered pansies, and we constantly strive to improve the selection we offer to keep them ahead of the field!

Plus Deltini and Rocky…
Other additions to the range include one new colour - Blue - and a mix in the Viola cornuta Deltini™ range, plus an extra eight additions to the Rocky selection, so now there is more choice than ever before in these beautiful, small-flowered types..

More introductions this season
A new addition to our Ranunculus asiaticus F1 Maché™ is White Improved, while Lavender is new in the Ranunculus FPSelect series. See Our Range Request a brochure or see our range online. If you require information about any crops, please contact your sales manager, who will be pleased to help you. Check also for our ‘surplus’ availability for Biennials.