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Say Hello to FloriPro Services’ Improved Delta Yellow In the New Biennials 2016 Catalogue!


FloriPro Services has strengthened its pansy offer with the launch of its 2016 Biennials and Spring Perennials catalogue.


With its rich yellow colour, the improved Delta Yellow is an attractive plant which enriches patio and bedding displays. Its early flowering and very uniform habit ensure appeal to both impulse purchasers and those seeking the best for their garden. Widely regarded as the leading and most complete pansy series, Deltas® are equally well suited to spring or autumn sales, reliably producing early and uniform plants, even under low light conditions, and maximizing profits for growers.

The Rocky series has two new colours: Pink Lavender and Rocky Jolly Face. It is suitable for autumn and spring cultivation, gives excellent garden performance and has a compact habit and superb uniformity. Both colours are very interesting in terms of being in line with market trends, so having this in the FloriPro Services portfolio makes the Rocky series even more attractive for growers and retailers.

The Primula acaulis F1series is enhanced by the introduction of Orion Yellow with Eye Improved. This series is suitable for high density production and has a compact habit and tight flowering window. It is ideal for retail sales in January and February. This new colour is really appealing and in line with the complete series.

biennial_press_releaseThe new catalogue also introduces two new colours in the Primula acaulis Sirococco series: Red Flame and Yellow and Purple. These are special colours with a fringed flower edge, an upright leaf type and flowering from January to March.

It is an interesting prospect for growers looking for an offer which separates them from the rest of the market. The company now has four varieties in the Sirococco series with unique type of flowers. This type of primula is especially recommended for florists as an ideal part of multi-species combinations. They have good shelf-life and withstand transportation well, making them even more appealing to retailers.

A further addition for 2016 is Ranunculus asiaticus F1 in the new colour Magic Pink & Peach. This very compact range with large flowers on short stems is suitable for smaller pots and packs. It is easy to transport and needs no growth regulators. Again, this trendy colour with different shades will be very well received by retail and consumers, making the Magic series more attractive to the market.

The new catalogue also includes two additions to the Aubrieta Hybrida, Axcent™ range with Violet with Eye Improved and Red, Iberis sempervirens Tahoe™ Imp., Saxifraga x arendsii Touran® Pink and Phlox subulata Fort Hill.