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Sparkling Spring Perennials


Have you thought yet about your autumn deliveries of spring-flowering perennials? Our offer has some tempting and beautiful new introductions which your customers will want.


Additions to Aubrieta Audrey series
Our existing Aubrieta Audrey series, which is exclusive to FloriPro Services is the very first F1 Aubrieta series to give uniform, vigorous, yet still neat and compact plants - and they are easy to produce.

New Audrey Deep Blue Shades is darker than the existing Blue Shades, New Deep Purple Compact is the most compact in the range, New Purple Shades is slightly lighter than Deep Purple Compact and a little more vigorous.

Large flowered, Early Saxifraga
We offer a much improved assortment in Saxifraga. Alpino and Alpino Early are very early blooming, large flowered series, remaining in flower for up to 10 weeks.

Showing colour as early as December, both new series offer extra sales opportunities at periods of very limited colourful plant choice and availability. The impressive flowers offer a real boost, especially the unique colour of Alpino Early Picotee.

With earlier flowering a shorter production time is possible, while both series are suitable for 10.5 - 13cm pots.


Aplino Early White