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A sweet win for Florific® Sweet Orange Impatiens at Fleuroselect


First bi-colored New Guinea Impatiens from seed wins 2015 Fleuroselect Gold Medal.


Syngenta Flowers’ bicolored beauty, Impatiens Hawkeri Florific® Sweet Orange, is a 2015 winner of the Fleuroselect Gold Medal/Approved Novelty. The Gold Medals are awarded to genuine breakthroughs in breeding, recognizing varieties that are superior in both breeding excellence and beauty.

Florific® Sweet Orange is the first bicolor in seed-raised New Guinea Impatiens. Thanks to its excellent branching habit, it is a showy, full plant with huge flowers that present splendidly above the foliage. Its color ranges from Deep Orange to Light Orange in one flower. A shade-lover, Florific® Sweet Orange is an exceptional variety for baskets, window boxes, and flower borders. It is also truly eye-catching when planted in larger quantities under taller plants.

A breakthrough in innovative breeding
According to Fleuroselect “entries in the Fleuroselect Trials which score high on innovation, beauty, use and garden performance are granted a Gold Medal. This prestigious award symbolizes excellence in breeding and beauty.“

Fleuroselect commented further: “The jury highly appreciated the breeding achievement in introducing bicolor genetics into seed-raised Impatiens Hawkeri. This is a real breakthrough and therefore Fleuroselect awarded the Florific® Sweet Orange a Gold Medal for the 2015 season.”

Gorgeous color and a real winner for the business
Fleuroselect also found that the Florific® Sweet Orange offers real market value. Syngenta’s Florific® New Guinea Impatiens are the most uniform series from seed, with very large flowers and strong branching plants. They need little or no PGRs, can be grown in lower temperatures and offer a superior quality for 12 cm pots and larger. Very robust, they also offer improved transportability and shelf-life.