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From delivery season 2014/2015 onwards FloriPro Services will be introducing the gapped-up 480 Xtray for all our Wittrockiana series, bringing it into line with existing gapped-up trays in ours cornuta series.


This means that all our Do It Delta range will now be delivered in the gapped-up Xtray, with its guaranteed number of 475 plants, taking uniformity to a higher level. With gapping-up, FPS will deliver a much higher level of uniformity, leading to higher usability rated and lower labour costs - which means greater benefits for you. We are sure you will agree this is a positive move.

Take a look for yourself and zoom in on the Xtray!

Exciting Additions to Do It Delta
Delta® continues to set the standard for large flowered pansies, and FloriPro Services constantly strives to improve the selection we offer to keep us ahead of the field. We are pleased to announce there are two new Delta® pansies in our selection for the 2014 season - Deep Blue and Neon Violet Improved.
Other additions to the range include Blue - and a mix in the Viola cornuta Deltini series. Viola cornuta Deltini Blue sits well in the complete Deltini range. Due to its same level of programmability, earliness and rich colouring, we now have one of the most important colours in violas.
There are also an extra eight additions to the Rocky selection, giving more choice than ever before in these beautiful, small-flowered types.

Late Availability
Remember that Viola and Pansy are also available on our surplus website for late orders. There you will find a good selection of young plants at competitive prices, which we can deliver to you exactly when you need them.