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Annuals and Perennials Novelties

New into Assortment 2018-2019


We are continually reviewing our assortment to ensure we bring you the best varieties on the market and exciting new introductions. Here are just a few of our novelties which we have introduced for the forthcoming season.


Pelargonium Interspecific

Calliope® L Dark Red    

  • Pelargonium Hybrid generation
  • Large, self cleaning flowers
  • Extremely robust and heat tolerant
  • Calliope Dark Red: Unique striking dark red colour
Calliope® L Dark Red


Petunia grandiflora F1    

TriTunia® Pink Morn    

  • Earliest-flowering traditional varieties on the market, especially under short day conditions
  • Ideal for production in packs and pots at high densities
  • Offers the widest range of solid colours and novelty bicolours
  • with a narrow blooming window (7-10 days)
  • Produces large, showy flowers for high-impact retail sales
TriTunia®	Pink Morn


Delphinium elatum

Delphina Dark Blue White Bee, Light Blue White Bee, Rose White Bee

  • Genetically compact plants
  • No vernalisation required
  • Best used for short summer cultivation in larger pots



Pelargonium Hybrid

Caliente® Lavender, Rose


Medium Vigorous

  • Ground cover Pelargonium
  • Broad and bushy growth
  • Cascading later in the year
  • Self cleaning flowers
  • Dark Caliente: dark leaved foliage

Pelargonium Zonale

Classic Calypso Improved


Medium Vigorous

  • Has all the classic features of Geraniums that consumer expects
  • Very good branching
  • Bright colours
  • Robust and large flower heads
  • Excellent outdoor performance even under less than favourable conditions

Pelargonium Zonale

Americana Pink Improved, Deep Rose


  • Mid-early flowering
  • Robust vigorous growth
  • Unsurpassed outdoor performance
  • Ideal for growers looking for bigger plants for a high value market
  • Attractive bicolour types

Pelargonium Peltatum

Super Cascade® Red

Green stemmed

  • Extremely floriferous
  • Outstanding outdoor performance
  • Self cleaning characteristics
  • Very well branching

Pelargonium Peltatum

Temprano Molina Improved

Compact Trailing

  • Semi-double flowers
  • Very early and rich flowering
  • Compact growth habit
  • Very good branching
  • Good outdoor performance

Argyranthemum Frutescens

Molimba® M Double Yellow

  • Early and rich flowering
  • Silver leaves
  • Heat tolerant, no heat delay
  • Strong branching

Calibrachoa Hybrida

Callie® Scarlet Red

  • Early flowering
  • Grower friendly habit
  • Less pH sensitive
  • Excellent heat tolerance
  • Flowers remain open, even in dark and cloudy weather
  • Wide range of colours

Dahlia x Hybrida

Midalio Scarlet Improved, Orange

  • Medium to large flowered series
  • Excellent branching
  • Uniform series
  • For 12cm pots and above

Dahlia x Hybrida

Grandalia Sunny Flame, Rose, Red, Dark Red

  • Large flowered series
  • Uniform well branching series
  • Rich flowering on short flower stems
  • For 15cm pots and above

Dianthus Caryophyllus

Suncharm White Improved

  • Compact pot Dianthus series
  • Easy to grow and fast in culture
  • Extremely robust and weather resistant
  • Unique colours
  • Suitable for growing later in the season

Impatiens New Guinea

Sonic® Red Star

  • Medium vigour and good branching
  • Large flowers in a wide range of colours
  • Early to mid-early flower response
  • Cool growing as low as 14°C
  • Excellent outdoor performance under less favourable conditions

Lantana Camara

Bandana® Red Improved, Rose Improved

  • Bushy, compact growth habit
  • Upright growth and good branching
  • Dark green foliage
  • The bicoloured flowers are the largest Lantana flowers on the market
  • Attractive displays in all warm and sunny areas

Lobelia Erinus

Techno Up Blue

  • Upright types
  • Exceptional heat tolerance
  • Very good branching

Petunia Hybrida

Sanguna® Patio Blue Morn, Blue, Blue Vein

  • Series for high density production
  • Upright plant habit
  • Early flowering - from centre of the plant
  • No pinching needed
  • Good weather tolerance, suitable for window boxes

Sanvitalia Procumbens

Cuzco® Trailing Yellow Improved

  • Top seller for mass market
  • Well branched
  • Early flowering
  • Easy to grow
  • Heat lover

Scaevola Aemula

Whirlwind® Pink Improved

  • Early flowering
  • Very good branching
  • No pinching needed
  • Strong root system
  • Weather tolerant

Sutera (Bacopa)

Cabana® Jumbo White Improved, Blue, Pink

  • Extra large flowers
  • Dark foliage
  • Excellent branching
  • Suitable for pots and hanging baskets

Verbena Hybrida

Lanai® Early Deep Red, Rose Star

  • Large attractive flowers
  • Received several awards as best Verbena series
  • Exceptional powdery mildew tolerance
  • Early flowering
  • Excellent branching
  • Suitable for pots and hanging baskets

Verbena Hybrida

Lanai® Twister Burgundy

Second generation of the Twister varieties:
Improved on plant habit

  • Unique flower colours in the Lanai® serie
  • Only available in combination with other Lanai® varieties
  • Same characteristic as other
  • Lanai® varieties

Verbena Hybrida

Magelana Scarlet Improved, Twister Purple,
Red Star

  • Mass market series
  • Reliable early flowering
  • Easy to grow, no PGR
  • Medium sized flowers
  • Compact, flat growth habit
  • Excellent branching

Begonia Semperflorens F1

Topspin Mix, White, Pink, Rose, Scarlet

  • Earliest and most uniform series
  • Fast growth providing good pot fill, well branching plants
  • Lower temperature allowing production with other crops and less disease
  • Great field performance

Begonia Tuberhybrida F1

Nonstop Mocca White Improved

  • Bronze leaved type of the Nonstop
  • Great garden performance
  • 1-2 weeks later flowering than Nonstop
  • Larger habit than Swing

Canna x Generalis F1

Cannova Orange Shades, Mango

  • Energy saving, culture at lower temperatures
  • High level of uniformity
  • Possible to grow compact
  • Strong basal branching
  • Scarlet Bronze Leaf is a Fleurostar award winner!

Gazania Rigens F1

Kiss Yellow Improved

  • Compact plant habit and small flowers
  • More suited for pack sales
  • 10 days earlier than Gazoo
  • Frosty Mix is silverleaved and 1-2 weeks later flowering

Gazania Rigens F1

Big Kiss White

  • Big flowers (12cm), high above the foliage
  • Very appealing at point of sale
  • Full, bushy plants fill containers quickly

Pelargonium X Hortorum F1

Pinto® Premium Orange

  • Vigorous, branching habit with excellent response to PGRs
  • Excellent garden performance
  • Ideally suited for pots and large packs

Pentas Ianceolata F1

BeeBright White, Pink, Lipstick, Red

  • Uniformly compact well branched plants
  • Flowering up to 7 days earlier than competitive series
  • Uniform flowering across the series
  • Flowers held above the foliage
  • Suitable as Annual seed and as Potplant

Petunia Grandiflora F1

Duvet Burgundy

  • High level of uniformity
  • Naturally compact genetic for easy production
  • Flowers face above the foliage

Petunia Grandiflora F1

Damask Purple

  • Earliest multiflora series on the market, even in low light conditions
  • Short five days flowering difference across all colours
  • Compact and non stretching
  • For high density cultures in packs and pots

Sanvitalia Speciosa

Queen of Sunlight

  • Dark foliage topped with lots of shiny yellow flowers
  • Suitable for production in pots
  • Superior outdoor performance through massive flower power

Verbena Hybrida

Tuscany Scarlet with Eye

  • Large flowered series
  • Best used in pot production
  • Good outdoor performance due to bushy plant habit0

Calocephalus Brownii

Whimsy Silver Improved

  • Special structural plant
  • Compact and good branching habit
  • Perfect for landscaping, baskets and containers

Gaillardia Aristata

Sunrita Burgundy Improved

  • New Gaillardia from cutting series introduction
  • Great branching plant shape, very uniform overall colours
  • Strong colours, blooming for a long period

Heuchera Americana

Heuchera americana Marvelous Marble Silver

  • Attractive range of seed raised Heucheras
  • Vigorous plant habit, good garden performance
  • Perfect for autumn sales

Lavandula Angustifolia

Blue Scent® Improved

  • Early flowering varieties with vigorous branching habit
  • Produces dark blue flowers
  • Perfect for impulse sales

Leucanthemum Maximum

Western Star Taurus

  • Best variety for early annual sales
  • Uniform well branching White Leucanthemum
  • Dark green leaves
  • Mass of flowers

Penstemon Hartwegii

Arabesque® Orchid

  • Attractive product for after bedding season
  • Large pot item for higher value
  • No pinching needed, 1 plant/pot
  • Can be produced in greenhouse or on container field
  • Attractive large flowers

Phlox Paniculata

Sweet Summer® Soft Pink

  • Mildew tolerant
  • Fast Flowering
  • Dark stems and leaves
  • Scented
  • Very good branching

Salvia x Superba

Bordeau Compact Sky Blue

  • First year flowering
  • Early and uniform flowering
  • Good branching habit
  • Ideal for impulse sales
  • All three colours matching in habit and vigor