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Expected Quality in Current Delivery Season


We have been delivering Pelargonium unrooted cuttings for a few weeks now to our customers all over Europe.

The reports on quality from our production farms in Kenya and Ethiopia and the positive feedback we have received from our customers indicate once again the efforts and focus we have been making on our Pelargonium range. Customers tell us they are impressed by the uniformity and profile of our cuttings, and that they are sturdier and healthier than before.
Improvements in our Systems
We continue to work hard to ensure quality of the highest standard and to improve wherever we can. This means our customers can expect a successful and worry-free growing season.
For example, we have improved the canopy management of our stock plants
to let more light into them, thereby stimulating growth and producing healthy, compact cuttings. Improvements have also been made to our irrigation systems, while pro-active adjustments to our greenhouse climate programme are now based on weather forecasts. All these changes help to produce superior quality cuttings for our customers.

History and Innovation
Our leading position is based on a long history in Pelargoniums, enhanced by our acquisition in 2007 of the renowned Fischer company. But innovation is even more important than history – and this is what makes us ‘a cut above’. We are proud of our recent introductions such as the Pelargonium Hybrid generation developed by crosses between zonale and peltatum types.

Extensive Gene Pool
Our work in Pelargoniums is supported by our collection of species, which we maintain and use in our work. Collected with the permission of the relevant authorities, their addition to our gene pool is invaluable and shows our commitment to Pelargoniums. It makes us ‘a cut above’ and allows you to benefit from our expertise in the genus.