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Top Class Twirls


These include three stunning new varieties in the trailing Petunia Sanguna Range.

The FPS Select Twirl Blue has a white centre and blue edge, which is completely new in petunias, while Sanguna Twirl Purple has a white centre with bright purple edge. The third variety is the FPS Select Purple Picotee this colour is an excellent stable bi-colour with a purple centre and a clear white edge.


The three new varieties are early flowering and have a high weather tolerance as other Sangunas. Further we would like to point out that we have four other excellent additions to our Sanguna range, which are, Sanguna Red Improved, Sanguna Purple Improved, Sanguna Sweet Pink and Sanguna Pastel Yellow.


With these new colours the Sanguna series offers a suitable range for all needs, all having the same level of uniformity, flower size and weather tolerance.

See our Annuals & Perennials novelty catalogue for all new introductions for the coming season.